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ellie jaques-capon | because you have magic in you!

Ready to live life by your rules?

even if you haven’t quite figured out what they are yet

This is your life … yours to live as the fullest expression of who you are with all your weird and wonderful curves and angles.

This go round of a lifetime affords you the opportunity to live by your own rules. To be who you are at a soul level. To connect your physical with the shimmery, vibrancy of your truth.

  • Maybe you need to reconnect with that person, having veered off into becoming the you that fits in, makes nice and says yes (or no) all the time.
  • Maybe you want to reinvent who you are…become the you who is in direct alignment with what lights up your soul.
  • Perhaps you need to add to your life some meaning that just isn’t there right now.
  • Or maybe you are ready to create the stuff that fits that ‘true to you’ bill.
  • It may be all of the above.

If any of this resonates with you, then you are in the right place because this is what I AM coaching is all about. It is completely focused on helping you redefine, reconnect, re-imagine and remember who you really are. Thoroughly knowing who you are is the first step in living your authentic, unapologetic life. Owning who you are grants you the confidence to create a life that fulfills you. You stand true. You act in ways that result in the experience of a life that is deliciously yours. Your life becomes a personal journey where your inner being leads the way.

In a world full of options, distractions, noise and opportunity, being confident of who you truly are allows you to do what you came for…to be beautifully, uniquely you!

I AM coaching is an experiment in self discovery and self recovery. It is a journey that might not always be easy but one that always makes your life easier. It helps you identify who you really are, at your core, allowing you to unlock the magic in you…that personal north star, that unwavering power of the truth of who you are. And knowing who you are opens life like a map to your personal joy.

So I ask you that power question from Mary Oliver…

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

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