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Hi I’m

Ellie Jacques-Capon

About Me

I am a certified life coach, a mindset shifter and joy aligner. A writer, a multi-passionate artist and photographer. An animal lover, an impeccably imperfect human and an incurable question asker. I am spiritual but not religious and believe in the Law of Attraction, empowering mindsets and the power of any statement that begins with “I AM”. I prefer flowing to forcing and I am a big fan of life being delightful. I am known to listen to Christmas tunes at any time of the year and suspect that I am, in fact, part elf. I love people. I live up to being a Libra through my connections with others and my desire for balance and beauty. I am enthusiastic, quick to laugh, especially at myself, and find possibility all around us, always. I have kept a gratitude journal every day for over 8 years because being grateful feels good. I am intuitive, empathic, highly sensitive, and a channel for higher selves and guardian energies.

My coach certification is from International Coach Academy and my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology is from UNC at Chapel Hill. I have been a student of self-development for over 30 years and counting. Every single thing in my life so far has prepared me for being here, right now, in this capacity as true self coach.

One of my core beliefs, which has been borne of experience, is that this messy, complex, beautiful life becomes a lot easier, a lot clearer when we truly know who we are and live from that truth. I also know that it is easy for every day life to distract us from who we really are which is why it is my life’s work to help people rediscover and remember who they really are.

But enough with the “I’s” already! Because, after all, this is really all about YOU!

All of this stuff about me is really just to give you an idea of what I can do for you. There is a reason you are here. You are most likely spiritually minded, committed to expansion and know down to your very bones that this physical reality is not all there is. You are probably a student of the Law of Attraction or want to learn more about it. You like to create your life through joy rather than struggle and the hard push just doesn’t feel good to you. You are committed to your self-development and feel the calling to expand more fully into who you really are. You aren’t hung up on what other people think about your life (or are working to get over that). You live your life on your terms or want to do that more often. You might be looking for clarity and focus to help you have the life you want. You might want to learn to craft your life more consciously and authentically.

You want to live a life that has real, deep and vibrant meaning for you. To live by your own personal rules.

If this sounds like you, then honey, you are in the right place. Just where you are meant to be. Because all of those things that you dream of creating, experiencing, being are doable. You can create and align with the mindsets that reflect your greatest ‘you-ness’ and live with that perspective as your north star. When you do that, you create a natural point of attraction for what has real meaning to you. You call forth what you really want and life becomes easier and more enjoyable.

Whatever universal breeze brought you to my door, you are meant to be here. Let’s get started.

Ready to live as your truest self and create a life of radically meaningful happiness?

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