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Most coaching practices focus on helping you with a very specific kind of goal. Want to write a book? Get a writing coach. Dream of running a marathon? Hire a running coach. Itching to grow your business? Knock on a business coach’s door. Ready to get/get rid of a sweetie? Dial up a relationship coach.

It is learning how to identify your soul aligned dreams (you know, the ones that actually have meaning to you once you achieve them) and shifting your energy, your perspective and your point of attraction to that reality in an easier way. It is about embracing flow not force.

It is releasing resistance and expanding your allowing so that you aren’t self sabotaging. It is about ditching that running report card of self-judgement and respecting the ‘rightness’ of who and where you are right now. It is about using the Law of Attraction in the way that works and feels good to you.

We don’t do that here. Because, in reality, it doesn’t matter what your goal is as all goals are reached in the same way. Here we specialize in magical creation.

What is magical creation, you might ask, and can I have a wand?

  • Magical creation is the process of making the journey as wonder-filled as the destination.
  • Magical creation is embodying loving focus.
  • The truth is that you already have the power in you. You are the magic wand!
  • Our coaching is your reminder of your creative strength. I am your Sherpa into the land of your own super powers.

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“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

For years, I bought into the story that you had do things that you didn’t like to get what you wanted. That you had to work hard to create an easier life for yourself. I was taunted by the idea of what society said I should want. Fortunately, I never really accepted it. No matter how I tried, my spirit always whispered (okay, sometimes yelled), relentlessly reminding me that way is an illusion.

You have experienced this, too. That’s why you are here. Because you want a life that is enjoyable, one that is fulfilling to you. You want to live by inspiration, not rely on motivation. You want to experience a daily reality that genuinely satisfies you instead of builds a socially acceptable, though ultimately unfulfilling, illusion of success. I bet you even want it to be easy and, dare I say, fun?

it can be!

The truth is that we are always manifesting. It is our nature and one that we cannot stop. We create what we are committed to, not necessarily what we say we want. Our coaching will get your commitments aligned with what has true meaning to you. Not to society, not to your well-meaning family or friends. To you! And do so joyfully.

Through my decades of dedicated study, experimentation and being a constantly manifesting human being, I have discovered and developed enjoyable and organic ways to create the stuff of which dreams are made. Using these tools, techniques and your built in guidance system, we will demystify the creation process. We will pluck your soul callings from the weeds of “I should”, “I have to” and “I need to” and turn them into a resounding “I get to”!

Your particular set of stories, beliefs and blocks will be transformed. You will work with the Law of Attraction in a way that is authentic to you, using the gifts you were born with. You will become happy with your here and now while you create your there and then. Magical!

Ready to step more fully into who you really are?

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